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The Making of The Marc G Vital Face Mask

Marc G Vital Face Mask | The Process 

The process from ideal to final design was approximately two months. During this time I personally wore the mask while working in the retail service industry which is my current full-time occupation. I had to manipulate the design four different times to maximize comfort and breath-ability and now I got it figured out. The comfort from the 100% silk allows the mask to feel lightweight and very comfortable on the face. In fact you don't really feel the mask on your face. The adjustable ear loops ensure comfort around the ears and cheeks. The actual size of the mask is small and doesn't hide vast parts of the face. Given that I work in retail my job is active and involves a lot of physical movement. I can attest that this mask did a great job to not suffocate me and leave me gasping for air.   









Marc G Vital Face Mask




On another note, I'm also a entrepreneur and therefore I'm subjected to meetings, video conferences, social outings, and I needed a product that would meet the face covering requirement but not take away from the overall elegance of my outfit whether its causal or formal. The Marc G Vital Face Mask steps up to the plate and adds a distinguished quality and appearance to my overall outfit.   

If you appreciate handcrafted design and luxury then this mask is perfect for you. Even during Covid-19 my goal for you is to remain Inspired To Prosper and let nothing stand in your way to accomplish your goals. 

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